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TR Commencement Improved Graduation Operations

The NC Central Ticket Office partnered with the Registrar’s Office as they embarked to ticket their first commencement ceremony in 2021. TR Commencement allowed NC Central to migrate to a digital ticketing environment for their commencement ceremony, but still offered the flexibility of paper tickets to the graduates and their families when needed. They were able to place limits on invited guest tickets that each graduate was offered based on the degree they received. Students were conveniently able to claim their graduation tickets online. Graduate eligibility was validated by TR Commencement, and this served as a form of “checks and balances” to confirm there were not holds or outstanding student balances assigned to the graduates.

“Utilizing TR Commencement has allowed us to shift from paper tickets to digital and control attendance by placing limits on guests that each graduate can invite. The implementation was seamless, as the TicketReturn client support team worked hand-in-hand with our team to ensure our ceremony was a success.”

NC Central has seen a 100% success rate on commencement events since migrating to the platform. 

Devona Knight
Assistant AD for Ticket Operations
NC Central University