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TicketReturn Introduces TR Varsity to Provide High Schools Unrivaled Digital Ticketing Technology

Industry leading ticketing technology provider, TicketReturn, introduces TR Varsity as its latest product offering. TR Varsity equips high schools with online and mobile ticketing solutions tailored to meet the demands of students, fans, and boosters. The software is easy to implement and maintain for any high school looking to provide digital ticketing for events ranging from athletics, performing arts, dances, graduation and more. TicketReturn offers two decades of technology management experience to help clients across the country exceed their ticketing goals. The Charlotte, N.C. based company offers a full suite of ticketing innovations, including event marketing, access control, attendance reporting, accounting and fundraising features for sports and entertainment venues.

“TicketReturn possess 20 years of ticketing technology expertise and we wanted to apply this industry knowledge in the High School space.,” said Christie Hussey, COO. “The TR Varsity platform takes the foundational technology that TicketReturn was built on and adds features specifically designed for High Schools, their Athletic Directors and their fans.”

TR Varsity offers several advantages for High School partners and their fans, including securing tickets via QR code, Text Message, web browser or a mobile application. High Schools can create private label online branding and sell online advertising as well as conduct fundraising in the online environment. High Schools will not be required to purchase proprietary hardware to onboard TR Varsity, there is no cost to implement the software and schools will have instant access to their funds throughout the year.

The TR Varsity announcement serves as a rebrand for the successful Varsity Tix solution and better aligns the entire suite of TicketReturn products. In addition to TR Varsity, TicketReturn offers purpose built platforms ranging from core University platforms like TR Commencement, TR Donor and TR Student to a cultural facility cornerstone like TR Museum.

This announcement furthers TicketReturn’s commitment to provide ticketing solutions and services to professional sports teams, high schools, cultural facilities, colleges, and universities throughout the