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TR Commencement

TR Commencement represents the next generation in commencement technology ticketing and service.

What is TR Commencement?

Control student eligibility, track attendance and manage high-demand ticket distribution. Operating as a stand-alone
solution or as a complement to your existing ticket services, our platform provides students a fully-branded online experience.

TR Commencement
TR Commencement

Discover the TR Commencement Difference

TR Commencement offers secure integration with your existing university registrar’s system, allowing your staff to
determine student commencement eligibility by year, semester or department.

What Our Users Say

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“Utilizing TR Commencement has allowed us to shift from paper
tickets to digital and control attendance by placing limits on guests that each graduate can invite. The implementation was seamless, as the TicketReturn client support team worked hand-in-hand with our team to ensure our ceremony was a success.”

Devona Knight
Assistant AD for Ticket Operations
NC Central University

TR Commencement



Custom Eligibility

Student eligibility updated automatically based on your

Custom Data Feeds

Customized student data feeds to support unlimited
eligibility options.

Use Your Enrollment Records

Box office and online accounts created from university
enrollment records.

Custom Capacity Rules

Includes support for custom lotteries when tickets go
unused and/or strict capacity rules are put in place.