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Sideline Tix

A professional digital ticketing solution for any sized venue.

What is Sideline Tix?

Elevate your sports and entertainment venue’s ticketing technology with Sideline Tix.
Sideline Tix features the latest box office, online and mobile ticketing solutions tailored to meet the demands of your season ticket holders and fans.

Sideline Tix
Sideline Tix

Discover the Sideline Tix Difference

Manage ticket sales, offer a streamlined customer experience and enjoy real-time reporting at your fingertips. 



Zero Upfront Costs

No annual license fees and no scanners or hardware required.

Instant Access to Funds

Receive daily deposits and real time reporting at your fingertips.

Touchless Ticketing 

Self validation and scanning application and allow fans to purchase and transfer tickets via text.

Ease of Use

Client support team to assist in set up.  Easy for fans with the use of iOS and Android applications.