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TicketReturn, a leading provider in box office, online and mobile ticketing services, is proud to choose Protecht as its partner for offering consumer ticket insurance. The Protecht partnership will give TicketReturn the ability to seamlessly integrate FanShield insurance solutions into the event attendee purchase experience. Protecht’s technology suite empowers event organizers to gain control over their ticket inventory, customer service, strategic marketing and ultimately their fan experience while providing real-time data and analytics. TicketReturn offers nearly two decades of technology management experience to help clients across the country exceed their goals.

The Charlotte, N.C.-based company offers a full suite of ticketing innovations, including event marketing, access control, attendance reporting, accounting and fundraising features for sports and entertainment venues.

“Protecht is excited to partner with TicketReturn and bring FanShield to event attendees throughout the country,” said Casey Callinsky, President and Chief Business Officer of Protecht. “The diverse array of client venues that TicketReturn serves allows communities to have the peace of mind with the opportunity to protect their ticket purchases.” FanShield and Protecht offer a robust, dynamic solution for the live events industry to protect attendees and organizers alike from financial burden by insuring tickets, registrations and events including music, sports, endurance, conferences and more.

This partnership furthers TicketReturn’s commitment to provide ticketing solutions and services to professional sports teams, cultural facilities, colleges and universities throughout the country.

“We’re thrilled to enable our partners with yet another key strategic partnership,” said Christie Hussey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TicketReturn. “The ability to offer ticket insurance will allow our partners’ fans to purchase tickets with confidence.”

About TicketReturn TicketReturn is a leading provider of box office and online ticketing services serving more than 250 client venues and issuing more than 38 million tickets annually. As a leading provider of ticketing services for Minor League Baseball (MiLB) in the U.S. and Canada, TicketReturn also serves minor league hockey teams, soccer, basketball and lacrosse. TicketReturn’s diverse client venues range from theater and casino showrooms, motorsports, horse racing, university arenas and sports stadiums reflecting the ease of use and scalability of the platform. For more information about TicketReturn, visit us at

About Protecht – Protecht is an award winning technology platform that provides a diverse suite of solutions for the live event industry. Headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif., its technology connects platforms, venues and event organizers to provide realtime data and analytics as well as control over inventory, customer service and strategic marketing. Protecht’s FanShield insurance suite offers low-cost consumer and event coverage to protect attendees and organizers from financial burden. For more information about Protecht, please visit at, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.