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Campus Wide Mobile Ticketing

Migration to Mobile Ticketing is a Success

UAlbany began its partnership with TicketReturn in 2021/22 and migrated almost entirely to mobile ticketing throughout the year. The Box Office team saved $10,000 that they had spent in previous years on printed tickets. The gameday experience was easier on fans as QR codes were leveraged to allow fans to purchase tickets throughout the venue vs the 1 Box Office location. The technology reduced the demand on the Box Office team throughout the season and allowed them to focus on gameday duties. UAlbany’s first year was a success and they look forward to increasing the utilization of TicketReturn within their Box Office as well as with their fans. 

“TicketReturn powered our migration to nearly 100% mobile ticketing over the last year. The transition has been seamless
for our Box Office team and our fans.”

Nathaniel Mason
Assistant Athletic Director | Ticket Sales